Board & Leadership Institute

Providing executive career coaching and leaderships skills to high-level executives and board level professionals looking to take their non-profit organizations to the next level

The Board and Leadership Institute provides enhanced performance educational tools and executive career coaching for Boards and Leaders through a series of board and organizational assessments, workshops, retreats, blogs, webinars and books.
Today, more than ever before, nonprofit boards and leaders have to be performance and results driven. Performance coaching can be very beneficial to those who would like to improve their leadership results.

Dennis C. Miller’s extensive experience as a chief executive officer, board chair and nationally recognized leadership coach allows him to relate to others because he’s been in your shoes. Dennis has advised hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the country on how to unlock their true potential. He can work with you to improve the integration of board governance, leadership development, strategic planning, philanthropy and succession planning.

Clients of Dennis’ educational workshops and performance coaching state the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence and ability to be a more effective leader
  • Enhanced performance as CEO, board chair or entire leadership team
  • Ability to constructively confront the tough issues and decisions making
  • New insights and self-awareness into their behavior
  • Ability to develop their own solutions rather than have them externally imposed
  • A roadmap for personal growth

To learn more about Dennis and his work, or to schedule a complimentary 30 minute conference call, visit