Our Process

Our successful recruitment process connects the right executive level candidate to the right non-profit position

The Nonprofit Search Group has drawn on many years of experience to streamline our executive search and recruitment process into 5 proven steps, resulting in high-quality matches between employers and prospective candidates. Our staff believes in constant communication with our clients, and will provide updates in real time as we move through the following process:


Analyze the strategic challenges and the role that the new position will need to play in addressing them. We work very closely with each client to identify the skills and experience needed for the position and will develop a comprehensive, customized position and candidate profile for each client’s approval.


Conduct a targeted search into organizations and sectors to identify those with the relevant skill-sets and qualifications required by each client. Develop a list of qualified prospects for consideration.


Approach potential candidates to test their interest in the new position, communicate the strengths of the client organization and persuade strong candidates to consider the new opportunity.


Present the most qualified candidates after conducting in-depth interviews, reference checks and evaluations that best match the position profile developed in stage one.


Complete the search and provide follow-up support during the initial phase of the candidate’s tenure. Conduct client satisfaction survey.